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Rose Catherine Khan is a fantasy illustrator from Orlando, Florida. Over the past decade, she has created designs and illustrations for clients across the country.  Her artwork sells internationally and her collectibles can be found in gift shops around the world. She particularly enjoys illustrating puzzles and designing figurines for companies including Ravensburger Games, Buffalo Games, Aquarius and Pacific Giftware.  In December of 2019, Rose completed a series of puzzles that can be found at retailers including Target, Walmart and Michaels. Since 2019, she has continued to populate the world with intricate puzzle artwork, completing her 17th puzzle at the start of 2023.

In addition to fantasy illustration, in 2014 Rose released her debut fantasy novel, Centernia: Return to the Castle.  In 2018 it was followed with Mark of the Castle.  The third, Whispers in the Azure, arrived in 2022, and Rose has a second edition lined up for 2023 (along with a fourth book). When not illustrating and writing, Rose is a professor of art.  

Rose is represented by Tate Licensing.  

The Rochester Institute of Technology interviewed Rose in 2020, the full article can be found here:

Alumna Lives out her Fantasy as illustrator and author


What materials/supplies do you use when creating your art?

I've assembled a full list of materials, books and resources here.

I bought your art/book/puzzle in a store, will you sign it at a convention?

Yes!  Absolutely!  Any time I attend conventions I am always happily signing any of my work that people bought or brought.

How did you learn how to draw?

I’ve been drawing my entire life.  I majored in illustration and graphic design in college and spent most of my 20s as a graphic designer.  A friend convinced me to start tabling at conventions, which led me to create the fantasy illustration I’ve always loved.  


How did you learn to write?

I minored in Writing in college and just never stopped writing for fun. Illustration is my day job and I spend most of my free time working on Centernia.  


Who are your artistic influences?

Too many to count!  I enjoy the work of Alphonse Mucha, Kay Nielsen, Maxfield Parish, Edward Hopper, Edwin Georgi, Naoko Takeuchi, Yoshitaka Amano, Frank Frazetta, Josephine Wall, Aimee Stewart and Wendy Pini.



What is Centernia?

Centernia is the fantasy universe that is always running around in my head.  I’ve released two novels set in that world, with a third in progress.  Many of my fantasy illustrations derive from that universe.   You can learn more at


Where can I buy Centernia?

Here!  Here!


What’s it about?

If you’re looking for a princess story, then this is NOT your book.  There are no royals, no rebellions, no magic swords, not even an elf.   This is a tale of parents who make mistakes and the journey of a girl who repairs the broken branches of her family tree.


Ten years ago, in the land of Centernia, a deadly mage feud left Castle Aurumice trapped under a sinister energy field. The cat-like inhabitants of the castle were forced to flee with nothing but the clothing on their backs. Only three people remained in the abandoned estate— the starry-eyed drug addict Misa, her dangerously manipulative brother Teren, and Nico, a fire mage and the reluctant owner of Castle Aurumice.


Misa is determined to destroy the barrier and save the castlefolk, no matter what trickery it takes. The young woman’s quest sends her across dimensions to Earth, where she deceives her cousin, Jessica Ravenwolfe, a high school freshman from a broken home. Jessica is thrown into the wild and beautiful world of Centernia, forced to help her strange cousins. The human girl becomes intertwined with the lives of the enigmatic castlefolk and their fire mage leader.

Do you teach private art lessons?

Occasionally I’ll accept students depending on my schedule.


What advice do you give to high school students interested in a career in art?

Research!  There are so many different branches of art.  The life of a fine artist is different from a graphic designer, which is very different from an industrial designer and nothing like the life of an illustrator.  Find people who have the degree you’re interested in, email them, and ask them for advice about that specific field.  

Can I use your art for a tattoo?

Yes!  I take it as a very high compliment if you would like to have my art replicated permanently on your body.  Feel free to message me pics of the finished tattoo.


Do you accept private character commissions?

Sometimes, on a limited basis.


Are you available for project work for book/products/games/advertising/etc...?

Yes, I’m always open to professional inquires.

Licensing inquires can be directed to my agent by contacting

Upcoming Conventions
Licensing Expo 2023 (Location TBA)

Previous Conventions

Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention, Las Vegas, NV

Anime Boston, Boston, MA

Another Anime Con, Manchester, NH

Cosplay Snow Fest, Rochester, NY

Fan Expo, Boston, MA

Flower City Comic Con, Rochester, NY

Genericon, Troy, NY

Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention, Las Vegas, NV

Licensing Expo, Las Vegas, NV

Mini Con, Buffalo, NY

New York Comic Con, New York,  NY

Roc Con, Rochester, NY

Ryu-Con, Niagara Falls, NY

Salt City Comic Con, Syracuse, NY

Sci-Fi in the Valley Con, Altoona, PA

Surtex, New York, NY

Tora Con, Rochester, NY

UB Con, Buffalo, NY

Wizarding Weekend, Ithaca NY

Youmacon, Detroit, MI

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