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Updated 2/9/21


I completed Mystical Wonderland, the largest design I've ever created.  This trip into fantasy measures over 48" in width and features over thirty different species of fantasy creatures, including: unicorn, dragon, witch, wizard, mermaid, capricorn, dwarf, elf, hierosphinx, fairy, roc, phoenix, pegasus, and a few of my own little creations :-)

This was an intense project that took me close to four months to complete.  It will be released as a 3000 piece from Aquarius puzzles in summer of 2021. I've included a few thumbnails here for you to appreciate the insane detail.  I loved working on it, but it was definitely a marathon run at the end and I'm ready to move on to new designs.

Which brings me to my next puzzle design....

Glimmerstone Bakery

This sketch has been following me around for the better part of a year.  Two young mages visit the famed Glimmerstone bakery, one of the most famous shops in Katanzarko City.


A few of you may be nodding right now, saying 'ah ha, if that's Katanzarko, there's a good chance that's Jessica Ravenwolfe and Paisley Mae Sarkisian'.  

If that was your guess, you're totally correct.  


When I create illustrations, I often draw from the well of Centernia, a fantasy universe I've been crafting for the better part of a decade.  

You can learn more about the book series over on


Happy reading :-)