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New Art

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Updated 12/21/22

The Sea Unicorn Haven

I've just completed this puzzle. This is a more tropical piece, inspired by my recent move to the backyard of the Magic Kingdom (update here if you missed it). There's all the classics in here, of course: keys, alicorns, and my three kitties in a slightly new form.


Keep a close eye on the tree -- there are many woodland creatures that have found their way into this puzzle. I've done water-based ideas in previous ones like Mystical Wonderland and Portal to the Four Realms, but it was nice to go full out and draw everything from coral to bubbles to little seahorses.

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Tropical Dragons Take Flight

While in the tropical mindset, let me introduce you to Tropical Dragons Take Flight! Twelve keys, the three pastry lizards, and more are all hidden amongst glamorous dragons, butterflies, and birds. Fairies and tropical creatures pepper this painting as well.


Although all my paintings have crazy amounts of color, I'm enjoying the palettes of these paintings in a different way. Normally my pieces don't have as many bright reds and oranges, so having a tropical theme with vibrant colors gives me a chance to show them off!

Photo Dec 22 2022, 11 42 13 AM.jpg

Stardust Scoops

If you know my process well, you'll know that I make a LOT thumbnail sketches of a piece so I can really flesh out the design. Stardust Scoops is no exception. I also make sure I paint this puzzle from the optimal perspective so that you can see everything going on. A good puzzle design makes you feel like you can step into the scene.

Botanist's Library.jpeg

The Botanist's Library

The last and newest piece that I'm currently working on is called The Botanist's Library. I want to make sure it looks like every bookworm's dream…..heh heh. Of course, with a library being owned by a botanist, plants are an important part in this piece. I imagine there’s added stress of making sure little insects don’t migrate from the plants and nest in the books….but hey, that’s where the fantasy comes in.

And lastly, it's been a while since I've created any unicorns.  I was commissioned to design a calendar for 2024, so here are twelve new thematic equines. 

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