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Centernia: Book One: Return to the Castle

Signed by the author

This is the second edition 2023 printing.

Artemisa Wynter yearns for the realm of Pennsylvania, a world she has only glimpsed through her mother's bedtime stories. Her deepest desire is to leave Castle Aurumice and embrace a life filled with movies, malls, and microwave burritos. However, Artemisa was blessed with her father's fangs and cat-like eyes, making that plan a forbidden dream for the ailurian mage.

Time dances on, and a bitter feud has come to Artemisa's home. Castle Aurumice is now entombed beneath a protective shield fashioned by her father's desperate hand. His act of love condemned the castlefolk to the streets as an insidious cancer overwhelmed his body.

Now the only one alive who understands her father's magic, Artemisa must return to her mother's strange realm. She is tasked with retrieving her cousin, Jessica Ravenwolfe, a teen with the key to unraveling the energy barrier.


This novel is YA fantasy and recommended for readers 13+

Centernia: Book One: Return to the Castle, signed

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