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Online Art Shop Opening Late 2018

in the meantime, check out Centernia...

An original fantasy novel by Rose Catherine Khan
"Ten years ago, in the land of Centernia, a deadly mage feud left Castle Aurumice trapped under a sinister energy field. Fearful of its evil aura, the cat-like inhabitants of the castle were forced to flee with nothing but the clothing on their backs. Only three people remained in the abandoned castle- the starry-eyed drug addict Misa, her dangerously manipulative brother Teren, and Nico, an alluring fire mage and the last true Lord of Aurumice.
Misa is determined to destroy the barrier and save the castlefolk, no matter what trickery it takes. The young woman’s quest sends her across dimensions to Earth, where she deceives her cousin, Jessica Vance Ravenwolfe, a high school freshman with enough problems of her own.
Unwillingly, Jessica is thrown into the wild and beautiful world of Centernia, forced to help her strange cousins. The human girl becomes intertwined with the lives of the enigmatic castlefolk and their mysterious fire mage leader."

Available now in Kindle and Paperback directly from Amazon.