Hello Genericon Staff!


A little about me!  I'm a professional fantasy illustrator.  I've displayed my art in Genericon's Artist Alley in 2017 and 2015 and it's one of my favorite cons!  I've put together this little site to introduce you to my artwork.   

​Three years ago, I was discovered by a licensing agent, and my official career as a fantasy artist started.  


So where can you find my work these days?  In gift shops and stores across the world.  I've been hired by a wide array of companies.  My art has been turned into figurines, stationary, gift cards, cell-phone cases, even cross stitch patterns!  But I'm really excited about a few projects that are currently in manufacturing.


In February of 2019, a collection of my unicorns will be released as a complete puzzle set by the crafts company CraZArt !



And speaking of unicorns, Pacific Trading Co has just wrapped up pre-production on my unicorn figurines.  These are slated for release to gift shops and stores in January of 2019.  

I will be bringing these as well as my Time Dragon Figurines to Genericon.


In January 2019, Ravensburger, the game manufacturer and largest puzzle company in the world will be releasing my most epic painting ever.  This piece contains 20 dragons. It will be a 48 inches wide and contain 3,000 pieces!



I will be bringing both the puzzles and fabric banners to Genericon.


And lastly, later this month will be the launch of Centernia: Mark of the Castle.  ​Three years ago, I brought book one of this YA fantasy series to Genericon and I'd like to bring this novel as well.

To view the rest of portfolio with over 50 different designs, please click here:


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