The Tweeps

Who are the Tweeps?

The Tweeps are Rose's original creations.  Lighthearted, whimsical, ridiculous, they exist to entertain and delight.  They were dormant for several years, but in 2018, they were brought back in a daily drawing series.

In 2011, the tweeps took center stage in a children's book about a world without math.

Zazzle Shop

Manufactured and shipped via Zazzle, these tweepy goods are printed on demand.  Want a custom tweep product?  Feel free to message Rose

$7.99 paperback

Tweepy Tweep lives for playing Zeep Ball! He loves the sport even more than cupcakes and video games. Nothing can get between Tweepy and Zeep Ball— except a teensy weensy problem with math. When Tweepy’s math grades begin to slip, he is forced to leave the Zeep Ball team. He needs to find a way to improve his math grades, or perhaps eliminate the pesky subject once and for all.

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