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What is Centernia?

Centernia is a fantasy novel series written by Rose Catherine Khan.  It began as a loose collection of stories, evolved into a webcomic, and then was released YA fantasy novel.  Centernia: Return to the Castle, received a warm reception and sold out at New York Comic Con 2014.  It was followed by a sequel, Mark of the Castle, in October of 2018. Centernia: Whispers of the Azure, the third book, came out in the spring of this year, and the fourth book is in production for an undefined release date.

Centernia is a world connected to ours by means of dimensional portals known as Gates.  The cultures in Centernia are diverse and unique, ranging from the cat-like ailuros to the horn-headed caprasians.  At a quick glance, the land is reminiscent of the early 1900s.  A closer look reveals a technologically advanced world damaged by an attack, then crippled by a government-enforced ban on electricity.  Steam and gas-based technologies still prevail, as well as contraband from Earth.  

The primary plot centers around the life of Jessica Diane Ravenwolfe, a teenage girl from earth who finds herself pulled into the chaos and wonder by her eccentric cousin Artemisa.

This story has been been Rose's pet project and the core of her world-building art projects.   More on the world and characters can be found at

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