Custom Original Character Sketches

As a story teller and long-time RPG player, I understand the connection players have to their original characters.  At cons, people approach me, asking to bring their characters to life.  I love drawing these images because they have deep meaning.  Previously I only accepted commissions at cons, but I get so many online requests, I've added a formal process.

In order to meet demand, I'm only drawing these portraits in a sketch style, full shading, grey scale with limited color,  just like the samples on this page. Commissioners will receive a high resolution  11 x 14" jpg file.

Images are for private usage only and not to be used for commercial products and resale.  Your drawing will be completed depending on my current project schedule.

Please, keep character requests PG.

This is great for rpg, DnD characters, your own stories or just character ships.  Not intended for exact likenesses of friends.


If your request is accepted, you'll be sent a Paypal link for payment and be able to email reference images at that time. 

If you'd like more than two characters in the image, send requests separately.  Small character pets are included at no extra cost, but large mounts such as dragons and horses are considered second characters.  Portraits range $50-$100 depending on complexity.

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